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Consultation - Framework for Dignity in the Built Environment

Report, 22 June 2020

This Framework for Dignity in the Built Environment guides decision-making throughout the built environment lifecycle: to manage risks to human rights and maximise social opportunity.

As investment in infrastructure and urban areas seeks to respond to the climate crisis and stimulate economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, integrating approaches that centre human dignity will be essential. This involves active participation by local communities, respecting the rights of workers, expanding access to adequate housing and services for all, and ensuring that all decisions are free from corruption.

The first tier of the Framework was launched in February 2020, offering a high level vision for dignity at each stage of the lifecycle. This expanded version includes a second tier of content: with guiding questions, references to international standards, and illustrative examples.

Consultation Questions

  1. Do you have any suggested changes to the Guiding Questions (column C of each tab)?
  2. Do you have specific examples of lessons-learned at any stage of the lifecycle: examples of when human rights have been harmed, or of innovative approaches to managing social risks and maximising opportunity? (column D)?
  3. What do you see as the primary business-model obstacles to achieving stronger social outcomes in the built environment, and do you have recommendations for overcoming these?
  4. Are you interested in applying this Framework to a specific built environment project? If so get in touch to find out more about the Building Dignity Pilot Projects.

Instructions: The Framework includes columns for inserting feedback directly. Please download the spreadsheet, enter your comments into the relevant cell, save, and return by email to annabel.short [at] Alternatively, please submit your comments directly by email. The spreadsheet will be updated periodically throughout the consultation noting the latest version date. (Last updated: 8 July 2020)

Deadline for input: 31st October 2020. 


The Framework is an initiative of the Coalition for Dignity in the Built Environment, comprised of: IHRB, Raoul Wallenberg Institute, the Australian Human Rights Institute at the University of New South Wales, and Rafto Foundation.

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