Business, Human Rights, and Climate Action

“Just Transition” is an increasingly visible framing for government and business action on climate change. It encompasses both public policies and business action to deal with the impacts of industry transition away from greenhouse gas emissions for jobs and livelihoods (the transition ‘out’) and measures to generate the low or zero greenhouse gas emission jobs and livelihoods of a sustainable society (the transition ‘in’).

IHRB's Just Transitions programme seeks to contribute to a wider understanding of just transitions through research and testing effective approaches for companies and governments to integrate the voices and concerns of those impacted in climate-related policy and action at every level. This begins with our foundational report, Just Transitions for All: Business, Human Rights and Climate Action, which sets out the benefits of an approach that considers all the salient rights of workers and communities affected by transitions, as well as communities facing the impacts of climate change. We will expand upon this work through a series of policy briefings, while also testing rights-based approaches to just transition in specific contexts through on-the-ground pilots in Colombia, The Arctic, and The Bay of Bengal, and sharing the findings and lessons learned.