Migrant workers are an ever-present feature of global supply chains, found in all sectors and all geographies. Low-income migrant workers are amongst the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, and are often the least able to assert their rights. For many, a lack of viable options to sustain a livelihood at 利来w66老牌home increases their willingness to accept poor working conditions abroad. Exploitation of migrant workers can be found at all stages of the migration cycle - from recruitment, through employment, and during the return 利来w66老牌home.

Much of IHRB’s work in this area is focussed on how workers are recruited and in particular the payment of recruitment fees to secure employment. IHRB migrant worker initiatives include:

  • Dhaka Principles for Migration with DignityA key framework for understanding and addressing the challenges facing migrant workers at every stage of the migration cycle.
  • Responsible Recruitment Gateway: Open source tools and resources to support companies in implementing the Employer Pays Principle.

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