IHRB’s work in Myanmar began during 2012 in the context of the newly launched democratic reform process. This led to the joint establishment with the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) of the pioneering Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB). Based in Yangon, MCRB aims to provide a trusted, impartial forum for dialogue, seminars, and briefings to relevant parties committed to responsible business in Myanmar, as well as access to international expertise and tools. 

IHRB and DIHR work closely with MCRB to advance these objectives with Myanmar and international business, government, and civil society. A series of sector wide impact assessments (SWIA) are one flagship resource, which analyse an industry’s human rights risks at multiple levels, based on extensive field-work and desk research. Sectors covered to date include the Oil & Gas, Information Communications Technology, Tourism, and Mining, all growth areas in Myanmar.  

IHRB also contributes numerous other resources in the form of briefing papers, policy submissions, convenings and trainings on a variety of topics relevant to developments in Myanmar.